Send FTP

Hello, First of all I request excuses by my ingles. Since I can make to send and to recover archives by FTP from axapta? Thankyou.

Since I see that nobody knows to respond to me already I respond. Txt with user, password is necessary to create a file and instructions that we want to execute in the FTP Despues we created bat that will execute FTP happening to him as parametro ours txt. and by I complete we executed bat from axapta.

Hi, I don’t know if this is already implemented, but you can control acces to FTP from code like in VB, using winapi’s. You can find on the net resources on how to do that. I undestand that currently you use an external program and call it from Axapta through the bat file, and pass the parameters by a txt. This is more simple, but it make you depend on something outside Axapta. Best regards, Ciprian

Hi, It might be possible to write FTP functions within Axapta. You might have to extend winInet class. Have a look at here for more info on winInet functions - Regards, Harish Mohanbabu


I could not able to find WinInet Class inside my AX (5.0). Could you please assist me on this?

Any code sample to FTP a file to local computer to Server location?

Greatly appreciated your help…!!!