Send Email with OutLook Express


How to send email using Outlook Express using codeunit 397

I already set outlook express as my Default mail client ,But it still ask for MS Outlook.

Kindly Help

Navision ignores “default mail client” set in Windows completely and requires Outlook.

I had the same problem once, when client’s corporate standart was Lotus Notes, they did’t use Outlook at all for various reasons. Even with MS involved, we couldn’t solve the problem, they said so it is built. (The same with any other mail client – Bat, Eudora etc – - Navision uses different mechanism in communicating with mail system, ignoring Windows standard, with which most even not MS software IS compatible)


Have you setup the folders for Outlook , in Marketing Setup (Sales & Marketing>> Setup>> Marketing Setup)?

Once that is done, then you can use the CU 397.

Hope this helps…