Send email notification

Hi All,

I need to notify a user(by sending an email) that his request has been:(Rejected or Approved).

I have a ‘Combo Box’ control on form with the above values and I have created a 'SendMailNotufication method in the form.

And now, what I’m trying to achieve, when the user change the value in Combo box, I need to call this mentod to send email to the user. I thought, I could override modified() or selectionChange() methods.

I don’t want to put an extra button and create on cliked() event, which it worked :).

What’s the best approach/solution to do it.

Thanks much!

You shouldn’t place your business logic to forms. Also, the notification should be sent when the approval is saved to database, not when somebody merely changes a form control (and maybe never actually saves the approval).

The best solution may be using a workflow, although it might be too complex for your purposes.

Thanks much!