Send Email from SysEmailTable::SendMail() - How to add CC?

I am using following code to send email from AX 2009, now the user’s requirements has been changed and want to add someone else as CC to this email or send the email jointly to two recipients, how can I do with SysEmailTable?

void sendEmail(Map _mappings, str _recepient, str _emailTemplate)
SysEmailTable sysEmailTable;
Map mappings = new Map(Types::String, Types::String);
mappings = _mappings;

sysEmailTable = SysEmailTable::find(_emailTemplate);


Note: I don’t want to use System.Net.Mail or SysMailer.

Thanks in Advance!

Although the underlying system, the SysMailer class, supports CCs, it’s obviously not available through SysEmailTable. You would have to add this feature.