Send e-mail in Axapta 2.5

Hi, everyone Does anyone know how to send an e-mail with an attachment in Axapta 2.5? If so, could you please provide the code to do it. I need support for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Thanks

Well, if anyone is interested, here is what I found out on this subject: There are 3 ways to send e-mail: 1. class SysMailer() - it’s not actually present in Ax 2.5 - but you can import it from 3.0 without any problems. Sends directly to the server. I can provide code, if needed. 2. class SysInetMail() - pretty good. Also have code for this one. 3. COM outloook = new COM(‘Outlook.Application’); This is for Microsoft Outlook only. But is real easy to work with. Also have code for this one. The code - sending an e-mail with an attachment.