Send-Ahead quantity

Hi everybody Planning “ engine “ (calculating regenerative plan)(3.10 and 3.60) doesn’t work with send ahead quantity… Does anybody can solve this problem?

Any chance you could elaborate in what way it does not work? [:D]

Can you explain a bit more with examples ?

Hi Boyan The machine centre of your routing example - does this have the send ahead quantity specified?

Hi Boyan I have just created a very simple routing. two machine centres, run time is one minute in each and the send ahead quantity of the first machine centre is 1. If I load a sales order for 5 and have zero in stock when I generate my plan it tells me the following; Starting Date-Time 31/12/01 15:54:00 Ending Date-Time 31/12/01 16:00:00 This is a total time of 6 minutes which indicates the send ahead quantity is being taken into consideration, it would take 10 minutes otherwise. I am running version 3.60

Hi Boyan, The starting time and the ending time are changing when you refresh the order because of the “Scheduling Direction”. Regards, Srini

Hi Boyan It seems that this was an issue in 3.10 although log ZA-275-599-HDPQ is unclear on any fix to that version. The official status is “In Progress” but it does not seem to be an issue in 3.60 so therefore the status is probably “fixed in next version”! I would suggest contacting your NSC or trying to schedule differently as suggested by Srinivas and see if it makes any difference.

Hi Boyan The issue described in the log is that the second operation does not start in tune with the send ahead quantity, they just do not offer a solution.