"Send" a PDF file

Hi all, File, Send creates an HTML file of a report and puts it in an e-mail. Often reports are heavily formatted, so the HTML version does not make sense. Probably as tables are not formatted per section, but per report as a whole. On the other hand, creating a PDF file through i.e. Adobe Destiller most often gives a good result. Is there a modification where you can copy the standard “Send” functionality, but instead of creating an HTML file and putting it in an e-mail, does the same with a PDF file? Very best regards Pelle

Hello Pelle, I Did this with using the Amyuni PDF Printer. I used the very good Automation Controlle to “print” the report, save it into a sales folder using the header number as a name (*.pdf). Afterwords I attach the file to an outlook e-mail, using the standard navision code for doing that. Hope that was what you meant. Christian Ps.: The user is not aware of what´s going on, he just sees the open e-mail with the pdf attached.

I have written a solution completely in Navision that will print to the PDF printer installed on the local workstation, rename the file and attach this to an email; I did not use Amyuni PDF Printer to do this. Due to the size of the client it was not conceivable to have an ocx or other control installed at each client workstation. Tim

Hello Tim, what you say sounds very interesting! My “research” has led me to PDF995 (http://site4.pdf995.com/download.html) which seemes to be the cheapest working solution to create a PDF file. It doesn’t collaborate with Outlook, but the $9.95 price per license is attractive. It also works in a Metaframe XP environment. Your all Navision solution sounds of course much more attractive. Would you mind sharing your code? Very best regards Pelle

Tim, Doesn’t each client have to have a PDF driver installed on each machine anyway?

The client using the solution does need the PDF driver on their machine, this solution simply selects the Adobe Distiller printer as the printer of choice and the printers output directory as the directory where the file is picked up from. The code for this is relatively simple. In user setup add a field for selecting the same output directory as that on the Printer Setup for that workstation Distiller Printer and a second field to select the printer name as defined by Windows. Once this is setup print the given report to that printer (Distiller Printer) and from there you can use the Navision standard mail program to attach and either open or send the email directly. If you would like to code swap offline please send me an email at twhitaker@equationtech.com. Tim