Send a mail from within navision to employees if it is their birthday

will u plz helpme

You can search the forum with send mails from navision

you will get lot of posts…

Some examples are

Hi Prasama,

What Mohana is saying is that this is NOT standard in Navision. You need contact your developer to get it done.

But first you have to decide if you want to use Outlook or SMTP to send your emails.

With the Outlook option mails are send by the user logged into NAV when running the task using his/her Outlook configuration. A copy of the mail is saved in the users Sent mail box.

With SMTP the mails are send directly and without using Outlook. The account is setup in the “SMTP Mail Setup” table. When setup correctly, then IMHO this is the easiest way and often better, as the emails will have same sender no matter who actually runs the report/job.

Then next request that your developer creates a report (processing only) that runs thru your employees and filter on the birthday.

In the report (if using SMTP) a variable pointing to the “SMTP Mail” codeunit (400). Then in the Employee section you put something similar to:

“Sender Name”,
“Sender E-mail Address”,
‘Happy birthday’,
‘Today is your birthday - hurray hurray …’

thank u Erik