Selling product Group and Sub Items

Hi all, Please help me with following problem: In inventory list I do have an item as following: A-1000 1 paces Computer Package 01 Under this package I have BOM sub items that includes following: A-1001 1 paces Pentium III 533 MHz A-1002 1 paces 64 MB PC800 ECC A-1003 2 paces 10.2 GB ATA-66 IDE I purchase 2 paces Pentium III 533 MHz from a vendor that adds to A-1001 item Then I sale 1 paces Computer Package 01 that include 1 paces Pentium III 533 MHz to a customer so that should reduce 1 paces sub item A-1001 and 1 paces item A-1000 But It doesn’t I also tried with Explore BOM but the item A-1000 is empty. How can I reduce Item A-1000 or not showing sub items on invoices?

Hi You will need to “kit” the Computer Package. I will assume you are using an inventory BOM - you need to reflect the assembly of the sales item, and you do this by processing a BOM Journal, this will remove the components from stock and book in the parent item. Alternatively on the sales line you can explode the BOM and this will display the components on the sales line, but this seems to be against your last statement. Therefore you need to book the Computer Package in via a BOM Journal to reduce the components and enable you to sell it. I presume your components are NOT serialised - as these are not compatible with BOM Journals.