Selling catch weight (variable ) items

Hello everyone,

I have found an interesting problem.

We sell variable weight boxes of fish. Inventory is lot tracked and invoiced by pounds but we sell boxes.

Warehouse shipments work fine if i sell 3 boxes of fish and enter the weight of 7.61 lbs OK.

If I try to do this on the Sales Order (ship and invoice without warehouse shipment)

If i sell 3 boxes change the qty. base to 7.61 the system will change it to 7.500006

With some investigation I found that if qty base/ qty is more than 4 decimals the system fails.

Has anyone else seen such a problem and if so is it possible to fix.?

Nav 6.0

i have not come across such a problem, but cant you change the decimal places manually? just asking!

No I can not , I apologize I should have stated that in the beginning. It is impossible to enter the correct weight. As soon as you hit enter the system changes your entry.

I believe Microsoft put in a fix for this problem when they released SP1, but we suspect that this fix has not worked. We also have the same problem, whenever a user registers a partial carton quantity, where the base unit of measure is an each and the qty per UOM is 3 or divisble by 3 you get a rounding error, which is carried to the qty base. e.g. 1 carton (3 per) is ordered,but the system registers 0.83333 (2 ea). When you get to the shipment the qty base becomes 1.99998. you then have decimals issues throughout your inventory.

We currently have to manipulate the warehouse and value entries to correct this rounding issue.

This was fixed in 2009 Sp1. Warehouse entries now look at base QTY for availability instead of quantity.

It looks like we need to upgrade!!

Thanks for all your help everyone.