Selling a fixed asset with multiple value models

Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning fixed assets, more specifically if the next ‘problem’ can be solved by setup, or if code customizations should be required to achieve this.

For example, buildings, in my company; have multiple value models in the current posting layer, since roof, structure, etc all have their own depreciation specs, service life.

As I came to understand, by setting up an example and by looking into the code, AX will sell each value model at its own sales value, and per value model the difference between the actual netbook value and the sales value will be posted on a specific account (as per setup in the posting profiles).

If we’d want to sell a building, we’d sell the building as a whole, though (using the free text invoice for now), and not put separate sales prices on roof, structure (since we wouldn’t know those separate sales values, only to total amount for the whole building). So, we’d sell each value at their netbook value, and the difference between the sum of these netbook values and the total salesprice would have to be posted as gain/loss.

Is there a way to achieve this (or a big part of this, at least) by setup? I’ve studied the fixed asset manual but lack the experience to determine which course we should steer here to achieve the result we want.

Thanks in advance.