Selecting all the asset details according to the date

In Fixed Aseet Form, i have customized in such a way tht for a particular asset i will list down all the assenment details of that asset…details like emplid…date of assignment,proj to which it is assigned … i need to provied the same kind of details in Empl Table form in such a way i have to list out all the aseet details which i have assigned to that particular employee… i have listed out all the asset details for that particular employee, but i’m having an issue (i.e) while listing down all the asset details i have to list the detail of a particular asset according to the latest date of assignment… For Eg— if an employee 1001,has totally 10 asset assignment…and the assets present are AST001,AST002,AST005,AST006…in this the AST001 will be listed 4 times,AST002 3 times,AST006 2 times while displaying the asset details for this empl 1001…i shuld dispaly only one line for the asset AST001…i.e AST001 with the latest date of assignment,AST002 with the latest date of assignment,AST006 with the latest date of assignment. how can i do this…please help