Selected lookup options come into another lookup

Hi all,

I have created two stringedit in a form.I have created a lookup in one string edit with two different table fields.

Now i want to get the selected lookup values into my second stringedit as a lookup.

Please give me your suggestions,



Can you please explain in more detail.

selected values from one lookup have to come as another lookup. (Selected lookup values should create another lookup with only selected options)

For example the consider having two lookups Customergroup and customer account lookups,

Whenever selecting customerlookups only the customer belonging to that customergroup must be filtered in the second lookup.

Is my understanding Right?

Please let me know if have said something wrong.


Bharath K


You might have written this line of code in the first lookup,you have change the last part of the line here,

by getting the values in the container and check how to split the values from the container.

Try using enumerator or list,Which you feel comfortable.

query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(CustTable)).addRange(fieldNum(CustTable, CustGroup)).value(dialogcustgroup.value());