select multiple records to one field on a report by fetch method

hello world

I’m doing a report that has to display userId, username, group and user group name.

userId, username and group are solved.

The trick is with the two: Group and UsergroupName

Group: retrieve only the users that are managers {solved}

UserGroupName: retrieve all other groups that the manager has permission to e.g Admin, DocHand etc {not solved}; the problem with this field is that it retrieves only one group for all the managers, instead of displaying all groups that each manager has permission to, whether it’s 5 groups or more or even less.

Here is my fetch method:

public boolean fetch()
boolean ret;
QueryRun qr;
QueryBuildDataSource qbs;
UserGroupList userGroupList;
UserGroupInfo userGroupInfo;
UserInfo userInfo;
qr = new QueryRun(element.query());

// qbs = qr.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(UserGroupList));
ret = super();
while (
userGroupList = qr.get(tablenum(UserGroupList));
name = (select name from userInfo where == userGroupList.userId).name;
// return ret;
return true;

What am I doing wrong? Please help…



Could you show us your query? I would expect something like this:

select id, name from UserInfo

    exists join UserGroupList as IsManager
        where IsManager.userId ==
           && IsManager.groupId == 'Managers'

    join groupId from UserGroupList
        where UserGroupList.userId ==

        join name from UserGroupInfo
            where UserGroupInfo.groupId ==

I wouldn’t even override fetch() for this requirement.