Select item entries for Adjust Cost Item Entries?

Hi This concerns GB Attain 3.60. Can anyone suggest the best way of excluding certain Items from the Adjust Cost Item Entries and Post Inventory Costs to G/L reports? I could add a boolean ‘exclude’ flag to either the item ledger or item value entry table, or maybe its best to put the flag on the item or inventory posting table. Any recommendations please? TIA

My personal opinion is don’t do it… Is there a special reason why this needs to be done? I did this modification because we did encounter some problems with the Adjust Cost process at the time where it was doing an infinite loop. However, since the client did not have the budget to upgrade, I just did a simple mod to skip those items that have problems. I made the client sign off on what I was going to do before I did it. They agreed that they’ll upgrade later to eliminate this problem. But unless it’s something like that, don’t do it.