Select Distinct

I’m creating a lookup form (Financials 2.60B) which is based on a table (ItemEntries) that has entries for items in the item table. An item can have multiple entries in ItemEntries or it may have none. Now I’d like to select each item that has entries in the ItemEntries table, and show each of them only once in the lookup form. So I would like the source for the form to be “Select Distinct ItemEntries.No from ItemEntries”. Please, can anyone help me with this - is it possible that the source table property is an SQL-type clause? Or should this be done somehow with Navisions TableView-filters? /Pauli

You can do this with MARK and MARKEDONLY function… bye Marco

If you ARE running SQL, make a SQL view using SELECT DISTINCT on the table, and use this in your lookup :slight_smile:

You would do better adding a boolean field to the item table which is a flowfield like “Net Invoiced Qty.” but change the SUM method to Exits. Then filter your form on this new field and it should do as you want, in addition you can set date filters etc. Paul Baxter

Thankyou for the response, especially Paul. Paul’s answer definitely solved the task that rose my question. Boy, these flowfields are versatile. I’m still a bit curious on executing the Distinct-clause on a form, though…