Hello, I do have something very weird with the financials security. We just upgraded a site from 2.01 to 2.60. I exported the users, permissions and roles,etc and imported it in the 2.60 database (native). I am a super user and can create permissions and roles without any problem. My colleague is also a super user and when she trys to create or modify a role she gets the error “you do not have permissions to read the X table.” The license file is not the problem becuase we have an NSC license and the object 64500 is included in the range. (Bye the way it s not only table 64500 but any table ) Another Super user gets the error. You do not have permission to run the object designer system. Also here the license should not be the problem. When we retry it a few times the problem is solved without adjusting anything ! We do work with a citrix farm, maybe this has something to do with it ? Any ideas ?

FYI I could correct the problem after contacting Navision SW. Because I imported the users, roles and combination tables with a dataport there is no validation happened to the Navision system. The Navision System seems to create and maintain data behind the screens. After i deleted the users’ permissions and its’ userid record and recreated this everything seems to work fine Navision.strange ! Kurt

Using the property CallFieldValidate=TRUE would probably be a help for you in future projects. Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group