Security when setting Roles with a shared Active Directory


i’ve looked around for a while and couldn’t find a way to solve my problem.

I am using NAV 5.0 with SQL Server option and windows login for authentication.

When setting up roles, i’ve noticed that i can select the user from a list that is populated from Active Directory. In my case, i don’t want this list to contains ALL the users/groups in the directory but only the ones in the organizational unit of the logged users.

For instance,


|—> ou = ACME

|—> cn=user1

|—> cn=user2

|—> cn=group1

|—> ou = MERCURY

|—> ou = ETC …

If i am a user from ACME, i only want to see user1, user2 and group1.

Is this possible ? I couldn’t find any way of acheiving this, then again i am new to this.

If you have any ideas, please reply.

Thanks in advance.