Security setup in Ax 2012-Only Enterprise users have been assigned for predefined roles


Actually i am facing one issue related to security setup for Ax 2012,Lets start from one example like i have purchased licence for 30 Enterprise users and 60 Functional users.

later on when i have assigned the users with the predefined roles in Ax.

but when i am checking the report for named count for user licence then all are in Enterprise category.

if i will start giving permissions by creating new roles then it might take long time to complete.

Kindly sugeest


It seems that all roles you’ve used require Enterprise CAL. Do you have any reason to think otherwise?

You’ll have to either use other roles, modifying existing roles (by removing elements requiring Enterprise license) or, as you mentioned, you can even create a new role from scratch (if you have a reason not to start from a predefined role).

As per the CAL rules

this role comes under Functional CAL:

Customer Service Representative

but when i have assigned this role to one of User still its not in the list for functional users in the named user licence count.


Haven’t you made any changes to the role, duties or privileges? Could you review the required license for the role in the Security Development Tool?

i have not updated anything in the security role till now and reviewed as well