Security setup in AX 2009

Hello all,

I hope that someone in this forum can help me. I’ve been asked to setup a number of security roles in order to restrict access to the several modules in AX.

I have identified a number of roles in our organization including: bookkeeper, controller, AR orderentry, AP order entry etc. Each of this roles (or user groups) a attached to a security role, enabling them to access the module they are supposed to. However, the security roles, when cascading, will bring up more menus, e.g. the bookkeeper should only see menu General ledger, the AP orderentry should only see AP menu etc. I know this i due to that the basis tabels are in many other menus.

I was wondering, has anyone completed a simpel access security model for AX 2009 - as far as I remember both the Navision XAL and Nav programs came with predefined security groups and it was easy to implement a security model, which satified our aditors. However, it seems that nonbody is restricting their users and give all users full admin access - I don’t believe this. Can anyone give me a hint on where I can find both information on strategy to choose, and secondly, a template for setting up simple security access?


Kai-Uwe Borhardt

You should be able to set up every menu item a user can or cannot see in the User group permissions form (Administration/Setup/Security)


Hello Kai-Uwe

I represent a Danich based company whis have developed a setup and analyze solution for Security setup in AX 2009 using Excel spreadsheets.

You can see more at our website or contact me at if you would like to hear more about the product or ask for a trial version.

Hope to hear from you!

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Michael Skands

Hi Michael,

Looks very interesting, but I have 2 questions how many customers run this utility and what are the costs. Pls. contact me on my company mail for further communication.



Hey Michael,

Did you ever get an answer back from RCD Software, we are strugling with AX security and need all the help we can get? I emailed them and actually found their phone number but haven’t been able to get in contact with them yet.


Hello Ernie

RCD Software can be contacted at

Michael Skands