Hi ,

I am working on a security project …

It’ a big project , but I started from item card.

I need to prevent some users to insert to item table 27 or modify .

Normally I did this in Permisson for this Role

Object Type

Object ID Object Name Read Permission Insert Permission Modify Permission Delete Permission Execute Permission Security Filter
Table Data 27 Item Yes Yes

I was surprised that this action has forbidden the user from posting purchase – transfer – sales to item table .

Should I use the security filter ?

are the fields in security filter will be permitted to user or blocked to user?

What are the fields that are posted to item table and must be open to all users?

thank you

For these kind of scenarios. You would have to give “Indirect” access. “Indirect” will stop users from modifying directly but will be able to modify the item from a posting routine codeunit.

hi ,

thank you … it works …

i tested until now it works … thank you … i knew about indirect … but i didn’t expect to do such work …

?? by the way what is the execution permission ?

?? and i still want to know about security filter ?

to continue my security project

My personal opinion is stay away from security filter. Its quite complex. Remember this isnt supported through functions and reports.

In regards to the execute permission. This will allow the user to run the object - different to the read.

Security is always a complex task. Good luck with your project.

thank you munib