Security problems

Hi, I created an object that writes to the item table. I created a role (R1) that allows the user to write to the item table for the object. But, these users didnt have the rights to write to the item table, wich I want to keep it that way. So how can I give them rights to be able to write to the Item table with my object only, but not letting them modify the Item Card, to keep it as if they still have no rights.

In your new object, select the object properties, and edit the Permissions. In the permissions, you specify that this object can modify the Item table (27).

hi alan, will it work on any object … because I still getting permission denied … thanks

I am not aware of any limitations…please describe which object you created, how it is invoked and what is being updated in the item card. Please remember that object changes require the user to completely exit Navision, and log back for the changes to take effect.

hi alan, I have a form that I created, in that form I declared a variable of type Item record. I choose an Item and I am able to modify it, so far so good, but the thing is, it doesnt allow me to insert a new Item. The solution that you gaved me, works super with modification, but if I decide to insert a new Item (with no=’’, so it serialize alone), it says that I dont have permission to insert to that table thanks

Your new form needs to be given the permission to insert into the Item table. The CAL code in the form should do something like the following: Item2 := Item; //copy item to new record Item2.“No” := ‘1234’; //Assign new number or use function to //get next number from the Item number series Item2.Description := ‘new description’; Item2.INSERT; Note that the No. Series used for Items must allow for manual numbers.

Object ID Object Name Read Permission Insert Permission Modify Permission Delete Permission 27 Item Yes Yes Yes No I dont know if you will be able to see, I did give permission to my table 27 fot insert, but still no luck. I did what you’ve suggested, but no result, same error message … This is how my form works, I search for a number, if I find it I can modify it , it works If I dont find the item, then I try to insert it with its records, but it keep on saying that I dont have permission to write on that table … I like to thank you for your time, I must be frustrating, it should work, because I remember I did something familiar to this and it worked thanks again

You are saving the changes under your development license and not the customer license?

yes that is correct, under development license and not the customer license

It is not enough to give the object permission to insert into the item table, the user has to be given ‘indirect’ permission to insert into the table. This allows users to insert into the table but only indirectly (ie through another process) and not directly. Paul Baxter