Security on methods

Hi everybody,

As you know, we can set up the security key for table fields, and it will take effect everywhere in application. User can not see it from both form and report.

But how about the display method? If we set the security on form controls, it’s not very good.

Thank you very much.

It looks like in this case setting on the controls is the only posibility. Why do you find it not convenient to use?

Hi Ciprian,

Certaintly, you have to set the security key value for each control. And even when you set for all control, it doesn’t help if users just simply create an Auto-Report or Report Wizard.

I am just searching around …

Hi Khue,

I wasn’t aware that the report wizzard is allowing the display method fields to be added. You are right about this and it certainly represents a security issue that was not overseen before. This may require some advanced customization to solve.


There are several lines on MSDN to say about this issue:

Seems like it is a bit hard to solve this.