Security Keys 2012

Dear All,

In ax 2009 we are able to create security keys and assign it to all objects like tables,menuitems, EDTs,…,

In ax 2012 i am not geting an option to create new Key in the AOT(path: AOT ----> DataDitionary — >Security keys.).

Can you tell me how to create the key.


Security in AX2012 is not based on security keys anymore - there is quite a lot of new stuff to learn! Start with Role-Based Security System [AX 2012], for instance.

Hai Martin,

Thanks for the reply. My client has purchased a 3rd party tool named “AVATAX” for tax calculation.There are few security keys named AVA** . How did those are created. Its little strange for me.



They were probably created in an older version of AX and then the solution was upgraded to AX2012.

Dear Martin,

Thats fantastic and great.

Finally only one question.Please answer this.

Suppose if I developed one new module in axapta. So that i will have my own tables and classes.

As there are many base security keys in the AOT node, i do not want to use them because it is my own new module.

So i think there is no need to assign security keys for my created tables.We assign permissions from some other place for this objects with out assigning security keys for objects.

Am i right.

Thanks a lot.

Simply ignore all security keys in AX2012, they’re there just for upgrade purposes.

You even can’t create or assign security keys in AX2012, so there is no reason to consider it.

Thanks Martin.