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we have two user Groups Sales1 & Sales2. here sales1 group belongs to Senior sales Engineer and Sales2 belongs to sales Executives.

and Both Groups are creating sales Quotations by AR-SALES QUOTATION DETAILS. But sales1 Group Engineer asking for making security to not allow to see (view) Sales2 Group sales Executives his Quotations.

let me know is it possible or not. my Question is both are using AR-SALES QUOTATION DETAILS to create new Quotations and Generating random Sales Quotations number and viewing list of sales Quotations.How its possible???

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You need to apply the Record Level Security(RLS) for Quotations table(SalesQuotationsTable). Sales Responsible field should be considered for applying this security. Apply it on Sales2 group so that they can see only the quotations they have created.

For information about RLS

That’s possible - use Extensible Data Security or, in AX2009 and older, Record Level Security.

Thank you verymuch for your replies,

i did what you said, but sales2 Group still can see other Sales Responsible Quotations by filter by field,filter by Grid,Advanced filter/sort

can you update me please

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You have not set it up correctly if the users can still view the others Sales Responsible.

You need to set up record level security on the correct tables and set which ‘main responsible ids’ will be available.

Hi Prasad

If you have done like Kranti told you, this should have been achieved, is there any other security criteria you have defined? which might be overridding this?

Also try using other field as well like customer or sales unit.



Hi Mr.Kranthi & Mr. Rajesh

Thank you very much for your reply and finally i have done Record Level Security