security issue when i print a report

hi all,

*Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

i create a new SSRS report and it’s working fine when the user who printed it has (system administrator) role in the user security.

but if another user who is not a system administrator but he has the permission to print it, try to print it this error appears:

Access denied to field Partition (Partition) in table VendPaymentsTmp (VendPaymentsTmp).


(S)\Classes\Info\add - line 94



help please,


Cascade the security from the report node in security then check all nodes have at least ‘View’ access within the report node.

hey WunderWaffe,

all the nodes have ‘view’, i solved it in another way, added ‘PermissionObject’ at the Report output Minu Item, and it’s worked,

thank you very much for replay :slight_smile: