Security in a form


I am facing an issue in setting security for a form

my Problem is: all values on the form should be “read only”, but one control on the it should be able to edit.

E.g., the employee become a “read only role” for the form, but needs also a “edit role” for a special fields on the form

Is there any way for this.

I set the Needed Permission to Manual in the form for the special fields. and Mapped them to Read in Permission node of the form

Also tried setting the access for these fields in privileges too.

But did not give the expected result.

I am able to click the edit button in the form but all the fields are not editable including the special fields.

Else it would be other way - on Clikcing edit button, all the fields are editable.

Could you please help me on this

Because you mentioned “Needed Permission set to Manual”, I guess you’re talking about AX 2012. Please be explicit about the version next time.

Are all form controls in question bound to table fields? Do you need permissions specific to this particular form, or would you like to set permissions for the table, regardless of in which for it’s used?


It is for Ax2012.

They are table fields…

The form is only view access for the particular role . but there are few fields in the form which needs to be edited.

So I set Needed Permissions as Manual in Design level… then mapped to Read node where the access is defined Delete.

Still I could not access these fields

Simply set the privilege for the table to have EffectiveAccess = Update and fields which should be read-only with EffectiveAccess = Read.

The form must allow editing, of course, you’ll restrict access to other fields

I tried this … but did not work…

I set the Effective access to Update in Permission Node and mapped all the fields from SalesLine and set to Read except for the fields which needs Edit permission.

Any other solution?

It works for me, so you must be doing something wrong. Try it on a trivial example to rule out issues with other part of security setup.


As you said, I created a new form and tried as you said. It worked.

But my issue is with Sales Order form.

The user should have read access to Sales Order except five fields. They are table bound…

I modified the privilege SALESTABLEFOREDIT to Update. Then modified the Needed Permission for the controls to Manual.

Set the effective access to Update for these fields in Update node of Permissions.

When I open the form and click the Edit Button, I could not edit any of fields.

I expected the five fields would be available for edit. but it did not.