Security Filter

Can you please help me? I have set a security filter for a role as per the SQL Server guide, but when I go to the chart of accounts it says that there is no read permission for the G/L entry table. removing the security filter it works. There has been some customisation, but I don’t think this should affect this. Where is it going wrong? Regards Richard

I think you have to give both Table & Table Data permission? You may be missing one or other permissions!!

I have table data 17 with a read permission and a security filter and table 17 with a read permission

Usually it happens when you define the permissions to the role, but forget to define that Role to the User [:D]

Thanks for that but user does have the role as when the security filter is removed it works as normal. Looking at old postings - does this function actually work?

Have you also placed the read permission on G/L Entry? Any table being read by the form for whatever reason, including flowfields, requires a filter. These permissions do not apply to tables, only table data, as with regular data permissions.

Robert, I am not sure about your first question, we have a read permission for g/l entry (table data 17). I undertstand you can only put security filters with table data. Are you saying we need code in the form to read these permissions? (it doesn’t say that in the SQl server guide but…). The form currently has a filter for gd1f.

Hi Richard, put security filters on read permission is … difficult, some object need to read table 17 to calculate flowfields even when user is not allowed to see g/l entries. This is the case of chart of account where there are account balances that need read permission on tabledata 17. You could try this: * give the user a role having read permission Yes on TableData 17 and your security filters * give the user an additional role having read permission Indirect on TableData 17 without security filters * give to form 16 (Char of accounts) read permission to TableData 17. In this way the user should be able to open the Chart of Accounts and see all the Balances. Then dry to drilldown from a Balance field … I don’t know if it will work, perhaps, if your security filter is on Account No., the user would be able to drilldown only for Account in his security filter. Hope this helps, Elena

Thank you Elena, It works adding the additional role with indirect permission, adding the read to the form overrides the security. Also a nice explanation, I understand a little bit more now! Richard