Security by Form Tab

I am developing a screen that will show measurements across the entire business. Each tab of the screen relates to a certain area or department. I need to provide security for each tab. For example, those in Receiving should not be able to view information about Finance, or those in Sales should not be able to view information about Accounts Payable. In Table 91 - User Setup - I can add booleans for each screen to determine which user should see which screen. My problem is where do I put the code to check this, and how do I turn the visibility of the screen on or off? Or, would it be possible to create a screen with tabs, and then do the data in subforms and turn their visibility off by user id? On a side note, this may be my last posting on the forum. I’m taking a job as CIO with a company that does not have Navision…at least not at this time. Farewell to all, and many, many thanks to those of you who have been so good to participate in the forum - both answering my questions, and responding to others. I’ve used the forum so very much, and really don’t see how a new developer can survive without this type of help. Big Thanks![:)] and God bless you all!

[2.60, 3.60] A TabControl doesn’t have any triggers, so it won’t be of any use for you. The subform part you suggest is usable though, just have a look at the main menu for that. Instead of the menu options / CommandButtons on the left use CommandButtons in the top and try to give them a TabControl look by setting properties. You can even disable buttons people are not allowed to use. That way nobody has to wonder why clicking a tab doesn’t work. Your statements about this forum are absoluty true. Good luck in your new job.

Faithie, I am sure everyone welcomes your very nice comments, pity that you are leaving us, but lets hope to see you back soon. As to your issue, I have also done the same as Peter suggests, and it is very nice to use.

I have used subforms or frames as well and just hidden the entire frame, so the tab looks blank.