Security AX : Tabs in Employee details.


I am trying to set up security on the 2009 version.
I encounter the following problem: when I want to give full access to the user for the Employee details page, I lost the tabs “Address” “Contact Info” and “Personal”. Course in security access mode for the whole page, is in full control.
I do not understand.

Thank you for your help.

Expand the tree of the Employee Details in the User permissions and see whether the permission has been given to Address and Contact Info Table.

Hope you understood.

Hi Al,

The contact info, address and personal securities are set in the Basic module. Enable these settings and the tabs will display on the Employee form.

Another way to know where the securities should be set is look at the form properties in the AOT. The security key on the tabs/buttons will tell you where the tab is activated.

All contact information is related to the Global address book. So access to this from is also required.

I hope it helps.