Security and SOD

Does anyone have any guidance how to build and manage Nav security and segregation of duties issues. Are there any GRC type tools or other implementation guides? Currently we have an ALL access role and other functional roles. The all access was assigned with the functional roles for users to access their required access. It has come to our attention that the all access can access everything in the system by itself without the functional roles.
Does anyone have any ideas for this problem?

Hi ,

Have you checked it on Partnersource ( i beleive I have seen sth related to SOD and SOCKS).


I worked on a project that used a third party tool - GoFastPath I believe. This tool helped us create the roles and provided the reporting we needed.

Hi, 2-Controleware is offering a total range of GRC tools for NAV. For SoD they have “Autothorization Monitor”.

Just visit