Security Administration

I apologize for the repitition, as I posted this in End User as well, because I don’t know where I would get the best answer But anyway, here it goes We are currently embroiled in Sarbanes-Oxley controls, as we are part of a larger organization that requires SOX controls. One of the controls SOX wants is that IT personnel should not be issuing User IDs for applications that fall under SOX. I want to be able to give one of my SUPER users the ability to add / modify /delete users. How can I do this without giving him the ability to see Object Designer and some of the other stuff. I would just want him to be able to run the Tools - Security menu items. I know what tables to give him permission to, but I dont; know how to give him access to that menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Hi, In Role->Permissions select Object Type as System and Object ID as 5830. Object ID 5830 used for Tools,Security,Password.