Section logging off while posting sales,transfer or transaction of any kind. Citrix server access point for regions

Dear Nav Expert,

I am having a serious issue on hand right now any help from you guys out there will be greatlly appreciated. People accessing dynamics through citrix from different region are having logging out issue when posting transaction of any kind. The section completely log out and they have to re-enter navision again when trying to post. But when i enter navison without going through citrix i don’t have such problem. we try re install citrix but we still having the same problem. One region is having the problem before but now it has escalate to another region. Really your help will be greatly appreciated. It is becoming a frequence occurrence.



Is it just closing the order? Closing the entire NAV application? Closing their entire Citrix connection?

My first thought would be some sort of time out on the Citrix connections. I don’t know the size of the documents you’re posting, though.

Have you looked at the Event Logs on the Citrix server right after this happens?

I’m not great at figuring these sorts of things out, but those are some ideas. Good luck.

NAV uses TMP’s quit a lot - could it be something here? Unsufficient rights, disc-space, …?

It closes the entire nav application and the user have to click on the dynamic application from citrix again.

There is sufficient right ande dic space.Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

really the size of the document is not much and there was no problem of time out on citrix.

Where can i check the database property time out setting.

what is TMP’S QUITE.