Dear all,

Apart from pdf document for navision what are the ways to know the flow of sections .

for example sales order report (ID:50007). I’m not able to understand the flow since many tables and items are intended

to it.Need to know the flow for each items.Please suggest me a solution.

Thanks & regards


Try to create a simple report, e.g. using DataItem Integer; remember to set filter on Number, perhaps 1…3. Put something into all triggers, also Sesction-triggers. Something might be “Number := Number;”.

Now avtivate the debugger and run your report… [H]

No need to use the debugger. Just create the sections of different types and stick a label in the section that tells you what type it is (Header, Body, Footer, etc).

Putting labels in sections only tells you when sections print, not in what order triggers are executed. I think using the debugger to figure out report flow is an excellent idea, in fact I don’t know how anyone would ever really understand report flow without using the debugger.

It’s true, if you need to know the order of the triggers as well then the debugger is an easy way to go. You can also put MESSAGE commands in there to identify which trigger was just executed, but personally I find it annoying to click OK that many times. [:)]