Secondary Allocations

If a client wants to allocate a shared resource say IT services to 5 profit centres in his company partially in 1 ration and then a secondary ratio allocation how do we do the same. Eg - IT service is a shared resouce and say it costs the company US$1000 They want to allocate it to 5 profit centres partially say US$100 each equally The balance US$500 (US$1000-US$500) is to be now be allocated in some other ratio say 50% to 1 profit centre and the balance equally. Pls guide me through this Tks Gaurav Arya

Assuming the US$1000 is already posted then just use a standard general journal. Enter one line to offset the orginal transaction, and then one line for every profit centre with the appropriate amount and dimension accordingly. If you do this regularly with similar allocation percentages, then use the allocations feature available against all the periodic journals.