Searching in properties

If I am searching for some method in code I can use find function and search for method name or some string (regex) in code. How can I do same when I am searching for something in properties?

For example I have form with action plane with many menuitembuttons and I am trying to find one that is calling specific menuitem MyMenuitem. I would like to call something like “find property” with parameter “MyMenuitem”

One option is using SysTreeNodeSearch class in the same way as the Find form does. Just set the criteria in the form (set Search to All nodes, find the property at Properties tab, tick Selected and type in a value), look at parameters passed to SysTreeNodeSearch.setCriteria() and replicate them in your code.

Or use the TreeNodeTraverser class to iterate through nodes. Then call TreeNode.AOTgetProperty() to get the value and compare it with what you’re looking for.