Searching for the what's New in NAV 2013 Technical Self Study PDF

There’s a 3 day course called What’s new in NAV 2013 - TECHNICAL

This course if offered by some training company like

Plataan : … nical.aspx
HomeCom :

However unlike all other NAV 2013 courses offered, I can’t find the self study PDF on partner source.
There are a couple of what’s new video, but nothing as comprehensive and structured which would justifiy a 3 days training course …

If somewhere know where I can find the PDF on partner source, feel free to share the URL :D

I do have a 22 page pdf for what new in 2013.

send me a test email on to forward the pdf.

We have a basic rule on the website, please don’t put your emails in the post. The site will be scanned and emails extracted for spamming. I have removed the email from the post. If you like people to be able to contact you directly, then either use the internal “Conversations” or enable the member account setting to allow other members to contact you via email (this way your email is not displayed, but you will still get an email).

got it.

Hi Manish,

Not really sure what this link has to do with the “technical self study pdf” for the “What’s New in NAV 2013” course? Yes it’s somehow about what’s new for NAV 2013. But it has nothing to do with the course ware.