Searching after the migration of

Dear all,

Please notice that it’s not yet possible to search for all the old entries from

I am currently running a job to update the search indexes, but it’s a big job and I don’t expect it to be complete before the end of the day.

Its OK, I bumped the Beer thread, so at least its possible to search for the important stuff


Actually it will take more than today to reindex all posts. I just found a post on where it says it can only reindex 100 posts every 15 minutes! I was originally told that it could do 1000 per 15 minutes!

It will be a long process. But the most import is that it begun [:)]

Yes that’s going to take a few days! Or more…

Just an update!

Here Saturday morning (CET) the server has reindexed 11000 posts. There is still about 76000 entries left to be indexed. But I’ve tried to speed it up a bit. Let’s see how long it will take.

Another update. 40000 posts has now been indexed. 44000 to go…

Many posts are solved by a link to another post, avoiding duplicate subjects. I noticed that posts from have still have references to

Yes, that’s the “little” trade off we had to do to get the posts uploaded. Sorry!

You don’t have to say sorry. [;)]
It was just a comment, I didn’t know if had noticed.

The reindexing is now done! All posts has been indexed…


Yes its looking great. I guess we are back.

Yes we are back! Enjoy!! [H]

Looks like this worked really well.