Searching Attachments

Is there a way to search though attachments. For example, on Released Products, I have a attached documents that store information and at times I would like to search all the documents attached to all Released Products for something.

Anyway to achieve this?


I presume you mean the details of the attachment. I guess that depends where it is, what it is, but I would still say most probably not :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

One configuration on ‘Document types’ allows you to define the ‘Location’ as an ‘Archive directory’, where attached documents will be stored. If these attached documents were, say, Word documents, it would be possible to configure the file server on which the documents sat to index the contents of the documents. You should then be able to search as you wish from the file server. However, apart from asking AX to store the attachments in a particular folder, all of this functionality I describe is independent from AX.

Note - you must set the Location on the Document type BEFORE you start adding attachments. If it is not already set this way, do not change it.