Search words in a document


Can i search words in a document that i have saved in the AX?

If I define a recruitment projects and enter data about applicants, i can attach for each applicant a Res’ume (CV) as a document.

If i have many CV’S i want to be able to search an exact word inside it , in order to identify the right applicant .

For exmple : looking for the words SQL + DataBase in order to get the CV’S of applicants that has the knowledge about SQL.

Does anyone have an idea what shell i do?

Maybe i’ll have to build a form or a query…???

Thank you.


Hi Roni,

I am not very sure abt that.

But for searching applicants, employee and contact persons, depend on certain criteria, we have “Skill Mapping” in Ax.

for this, you have to fill the data in the specified tables such as, Education, Skills, Courses, Certificates etc.

After putting data in those tables, you can use Skill Mapping profiles to find the candidate acc. to the requirement.

Hope, it will help you…