Search using base functionality (AX2009)


I’m trying to search with value that is different when input.

The table has the item of the YYYY/MM display format. But actually the data is YYYY/MM/01.

So when we search using base functionality, must input YYYY/MM/01.

But we want to search with just input YYYY/MM.

First I thought using form task method. But I can’t get search value and item.

How can I do this?

Thank you

You can hide the day-part for display purposes, but the value in database is still a normal date. You’ll have to generate a range from the first date to the last date of the given month.

Hi Martin.

Thanks for your reply.

The all data is registered by first date of months.

And we solved the problem below.

  1. We input “YYYY/MM” in grid and enter.

  2. It generate executequery of datasource automatically.

  3. We can get the input value here and add first date.

  4. And put the value in RangeObject befor super()