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It is difficult to find a member by country. I do not know how many member in china,which country is most user/member.[8D] I read a news said navision will develop chinese market quick,is it real?[8)][8)]

Hi Peter There are 13 members who have declared the country China in their profile. Go to the members section and select all. Then click on the country column. This will list it in alphabetical order by country. Just to help you pages 109 and 110 list the China members. Unsure on the Navisaion in China question, or the most users by country but thought I’d help you a bit!

hi,steven number of the chinese member is very few, would you develop navision china market? the market is very large the idea is very cool,is not it? if yes pls quick,quick action

Hi Peter It is difficult to comment with any certainty because I know nothing wbout the economic/business structure of the country, not to mention all the other factors that would need to be considered when making that sort of decision. However taking a single standpoint Navision has Microsoft, China is huge. If its a market place Microsoft can successfully exploit I am sure they will. The next step I presume would be to get Microsoft to spearhead the expansion into China campaign. Does China have an NTR? These are the sort of questions you should be posing to the Navision/Microsoft representatives in China (assuming there are any [:D]).

Hi,Steven I am happy because I see you smile. now many many ERP company are in China,many many Consluting company are in china too, for example:SAP,JDE,BAAN,QAD… PWC,KPMG,Accenture,MCkinsty… if you are interesting,please take a look the chinese web any way,if have opportunity you should visit china.(how to add a face icon in reply Topic)

Oh, interesting enough. One wonders if the 13 members our colleugue talks about are actually Chinesse or students or whatever. Ohh was that nationality you said, and location?! I have a freind of mine who is a MSC student in IT in China. He wanted to get any NTR or Navision contact in China, but he was told by NTR in Morocco there is none. I too believe it’s virgin market. Hey someone, let’s go do business there… hahaha[:D] Rememebering to untick signature… Robert

are you real? hahaha

Hi,Robert Can you tell me the email address of your student in china? I have some question about NTR to ask he thank you

This is interesting now! But the guy’s email is He will definitely be glad to find any support on Navision in China. He had even considered doing his project using Navision, which I could not advise him very well, he wondered about the certifications,e.t.c. The day I posted here, I sent him email and asked him to join the group. Robert

Peter, I guess you know there is no official chinese language for navision yet. That’s why navision is not very successful in China. Unless Navision in Denmark or Singapore announce they have official chinese version, I don’t think it is easy to open the market in China. Also, Navision multi-language is not based on uni-code technology. If you have implemented in Chinese platform, you can probably notice some problems when you run the program. I have talked to Navision before, they don’t have any clear schedule to release the Chinese version yet, although you can find some local NSCs to develop their own Chinese version. But it will create mess when the official chinese version is released. The softwares you had mentioned have released their own Chinese version already for long time. This is their advantage over navision. Imagine if you cannot speak mandrian in China, can you promote your business in China? Richard

Richard, is there any unofficial chinese language for Attain out?? BTW… for adding a face just use [ then the type of face you want like :slight_smile: and ] again… [:)] Regards,