Search in Lookup Field

We are all very thankful that Microsoft is able to introduce new “features” into NAV every time they are publishing a new CU.

Currently we are at 2013R2 CU9 and we have an issue when typing a search expression in a field which has a table relation.


  • Create a Sales Order
  • Select any customer
  • Add a line and set the type to “item”
  • enter “panel” in the “No.” field (an empty list is displayed as expected. There is no item starting with the word panel in the description - and yes, the search is set to the description field)
  • enter “*panel” in the “No.” field and the list is still empty. (The asteriks or “star” is in front of the word panel).
    This has been working so far and all our users (NAV 2009 RTC and NAV 2013 and NAV 2013R2) are trained to use this feature heavily especially when searching for customers/vendors/items.

Anybody else out there who has seen the same behavior?
Or maybe a hint how this feature can be enabled/disabled or if there is a workaround?

  • yea, right.


The only recent change that has been documented is related to quick filter usage, between CU7 and CU8 [:(]