Script or Any method to Pull Data into AX from 3rd party Application


We have a 3rd party application developed using .Net and SQL Server database.

By the End of the day, I need to pull the voucher entries from that 3rd party application to our AX(AX 2012 R3 with CU10).

Can anyone please share with me different methods to do the task.

Also can we automate this.

Please help!

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You have two several options. The application may export data to a file and you’ll import it to AX. The applications may talk over web services. Or you could connect to the database directly, but it would likely would be too tight coupling, potentially causing problems with development and maintenance.

Thanks Martin,

You mean,

1st option : if the 3rd party application can generate the voucher entries in a file and we can import using Data Import/Export Framework.

2nd option : Reg. Web service option, you mean using AIF ?

So, no way we can automate this task like using any script or …?


Re 2: AIF document services, or custom services. Whether you consider custom services be a part of AIF is up to you.

If none of these solution fulfills your definition of “using a script”, what exactly do you mean by that?

Thanks sir,

I mean, can’t we automate any of our method that everyday it does on its own like Scheduling.

I meant all of them to be automated, of course. But I know nothing about your other application, so it’s not easy to be specific.
For example, AX might run a batch job every night importing files exported by the other application. Or the other application may call AX document services on a regular basis.