Screen Resolution (800x600 vs 1024x768)

We run Navision through an Applications Service Provider, so I’m not sure if my question is a Navision question or an ASP question. But… we have found it necessary to run Navision at a resolution of 1024x768. Otherwise, the screen display is abbreviated and the horizonal and vertical scroll bars are needed. This is not desirable. However, when we go to 1024x768 and we can see the entire screen, we get complaints from the users that the font is too small. Anyone have a suggestions how to make everyone happy? Thank you.

Staples sells 19" monitors cheap!

17’’ will also suffice. For Financials, 15’’ 800x600 was fine. With Attain 3.xx, 17’’ 1024x768 almost became a must. Navision even increased the maximum width of List Forms and the number of rows in Subforms.

Hi We are using 17" flat screens with the suggested resolution 1248x1024. So we had the same problem with the small fonts within Navision. We solved this problem this way: All Navision users have the “use big fonts” property enabled. This is OK for the users and almost all other programs (where you can change the font size). Only the IE with some HTML pages has (small) problems. bye André