Hello Everyone,

When I post production output I have consumed clips, bags and raw material (during last operation on routing) which is fine. I have set up component flushing method to backward + routing link code. Usually, we produce scrap which consume only raw material (we know that part is a reject before we fit clips or bag it) I would like to post scrap which consume only raw material (no clips and bags). Is that possible and how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance



Since you are backward flushing off the Output Journal the components will be auto-consumed. However, before Finishing a Released Production Order, you can record a consumption journal consuming more of the raw material than originally consumed from the Backflush. If you like doing all this at once, use the Production Journal which displays the Consumption and Output on the page and you can record each component scrapped on the raw material level. Note that I am guessing you chose Backflush to not require consumption journals and to streamline flushing of components.

Try using the Production Journal or enter the additional consumption journal for scrapped Raw Material to meet your requirement.

Hope this helps.