Customer currently has scrap% on the BOM. This means the Qty per for the component is increased by the scrap%. (e.g. component Qty per = 100lbs, scrap% = 3%, actual item ledger entry will be 103lbs consumption). With the various methods for calculating scrap in Navision, is there a way of separating the extra 3lbs for scrap into a separate item ledger entry? Or is it possible to have the cost of the 3lbs of scrap charged to the separate GL account? The customer is using Standard cost.

Hi, ALthough you have specified the scrap % in the BOM the system interprets this as an additional need for fulfilling the Production Order. Hence the system will post this in one entry. You can choose to have 2 entries when you post the Consumption journal. Another way of handling this is to have a separate line for the same Item in BOM. When processing your Production order specify a different location for the second line. Then the system will debit a different G/L account which you can setup in the Inventory posting setup. Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

Hi Prashant, nice idea with the second location and the inventory posting setup, but you need qty. on stock for this location. Regards Walter

Hi walter, You can transfer stock from to this location. In Attain you could create SKU where you can define the requisition type as a Transfer Order instead of a purchase order. This can automate the transfer of stock from main to scrap. thnx Best regards, Prashanth NCFC, NCMC, NCSD

I know, but I think this is not the solution James is looking for. Regards

BTW: Are you telling your customers you have to buy the SKU-granule for posting the scrap?