Scrap % on item card


Please can you confirm how this works as I have created several components each with a scrap % shown on the item card. I then incorporate these in a BOM and at no stage can I see the production order factorng in the addtional quantities needed as a result of the Scrap % ?.



  1. The BOM line has the scrap % yes?

  2. Load the production order,look at the components, the required quantity includes the scrap %.

  3. Planning will also plan for the scrap % in the requirements of the order.

I have had problems with this in the past I use expected yield and Nav calclates scrap % this works very well for me


The scrap % on the item card doesn’t populate the production BOM line, can you therefore explain what it does ?.


This field works well, the only issue is the way it is named and defined. U will mention the Scrap % on FG i.e. Item to be produced not on RM, for scrap to be calculated for RM (individually) as Adam said scrap % will be mentioned on BOM lines.

Fill in scrap % on Item card of Finished Good and then refresh ur production order the component line will show you the requirement of RM including scrap.

Yes that is correct, they are unrelated. The item card scrap % is for output, the BOM line for component usage, it was not clear from your description where your issue was, so I covered both, and hence confused you, my apologies.

Still not very clear, when would you use the scrap% on the item card as it doesn’t update the bom lines ?


Did u mention the scrap % on Finished Good card ? If not do that, pick that item on production order and refresh ur production order then check line → component lines.

For all overall scrap calc u mention it on FG item card and for line lby line scrap % calc u mention on BOM lines.

You make cakes.

Your Item Number is “Bakewell01”

When you have output of 100 you started by making 110. So your finished goods item has a yield essentially.

So when sales are loading 100 and you manufacture 100 you will always fall short.

So you put 10% on the item card.

Then you will make 110 to satisfy 100 as you have 10% scrap

Or something like that, that is the theory as I remember it, although the 10% may work slightly differently. Try it out on finished goods, not components.

But even after mentioning it on FG , the % will be applicable on RM. [:(]


Lets assume the item is a component and it has a scrap % against it, will this ever get used during the production process or is this just used for finished items ?.



What happens when you put it on a component and run planning?

Works for me, have a component where I need 1 with 100% scrap so the components of the planned order are 2. What does yours do?

I picked up on this thread because this briefly touches my question regarding scrap% on item card. I understand the differences between the % on the item card and the scrap % on the component line of a BOM. The % on the item card specifies the % of the item that you expect to be scrapped in the production process. Therefore, if item “APPLE” has 10% scrap on the item card and there’s a demand for 100 pieces the program should calculate 110 as a requirement right? If this is correct this isn’t working for me. I’m using NAV2009 classic SP1. When I enter a SO for 100 “APPLE” I was expecting it to tell me that I will need to produce 110 when I run the planning worksheet.

Hi HS & Welcome to DUG,

I think above is not correct, if you make a SO for 100 APPLE and Item Card of APPLE has 10% as Scrap %, then the “Firm Planned Prod. order” after running**“Planning Worksheet”** will show Quantity as 100, where in case you go to Line >> Component there it will show the Expected Quantity as (110 *Quantity Per) and consumption/ RW requirement will also be calculated on the basis of 110.

Dhan - Thanks for your reply. I do see where the additional requirement shows up on the component line. I was hoping that it would show the production requirement of 110 pieces. I guess it doesn’t make sense to me the way it’s working right now because I can control the scrap% of the raw material on the BOM.