Scrap Function and Free Qty Function

Dear All. Experts,

any one has any document for the below two requirement.

Scrap Items:- how to setup this function and how to use step by step.

Free Qty:- if we received free goods from the supplier lets say we purchased 10 Cartoon of an item and he gaved 1 Cartoon free so how to take this with free qty function in ax.

waiting for valuable answer.


For free quantity you can try and check the following,

Release Purchase Order for 10 cartons with price taken from trade agreement. Create another line and add the same item 1 carton with and provide 100% discount for this line only. Now for this 1 carton the price will be Zero.

I’m not sure about your inventory valuation method. So please test the above in your test environment and check the inventory effect.

Regarding Scrap items can you please elaborate since it is not clear.


HI Prabhu,

thank you for your response.

as of now we are using the same method for free good even there is supplementary function that can also be used.

but what we required is if i purchase any item lets say 10 cartoon and supplier offer me 10 pcs so next colum should be there where i can add this free goods.

and regarding the scrap there is some option while purchasing while sales order creation under line detail so want to know if this is some usefull function and we can execute this in our retail environment.

Hi Hussain,

Are you using production for scrap ? or making scrap purchased items?

Please let me know… I have solution based on your query…


Hi Ameen,

no actually i am not using production as of now but will be using this function in our company.

this is for my knowledge i want to know the use of this function.