scrap Costing calculation issues

Dear All,

3 items like Item_A, Item_B, Item_c are in Different Bom lines. All these items are facing same problem As below

Each of the standard drums weights 190kg . When we dispense material from the drum an estimated 4 kgs remains in the drum so our loss factor is 2.1% (=4/190). I want AX to automatically cost this waste as part of a batch. The actual weights required per batch must not change as this is part of the formulation

if any one suggest me how i can solve the issue

Thanks in advance.



So you want it costed and consumed, but not to consume it?

Why not add it to actual consumption?

What costing method are you?

Dear Adam,

i am not consume,the loss factor on raw material item not production item

if suppose 200 kg drum my loss factor is 4 kg this some of raw material not all items.

My costing method is standard cost



As you are standard costing the waste is irrelevant to the cost of the batch. Post the waste to production variance through the use of a movement journal to post to the variance.